Here we are sharing a piece of news with you that the Fiji judge has denied three character viewers who had written the latter supporting bail for Bradley Dawson in a scathing statement. Dawson has been charged with killing his 36 years old apothecary wife whose name was Christe Chen in their luxury home on private Fiji island, has rejected admitting to the murder. He begged not regretful to kill Chen. Recently the news came on the web and this news has been making headlines on social networking sites because this news is gaining huge attention from the people. Here we have more information about the match and we will share it with you in this article so let’s continue the article.

Bradley Dawson

As per the report, Judge Hamza told that one of the witnesses was out of bail himself. It is the opinion of the court that it is highly disappointing for the applicant to be residing with a guy who was arrested with serious crimes before this court, in the case of being granted bail, Judge Riyaz Hamza wrote in the oder dismissing Dawson’s bail application. Court records disclosed that one of the witnesses, Johnnie Lee Berger is an American and he is out on bail himself and encountering pending s*x assault charges.

The Judge also reported that under Fiji law, in cases of domestic violence incidents a defendant’s belief in favor of bail is void. The court stated that they were given “Strong circumstantial proof in the case and Dawson is also a likely flight risk. Earlier, the judge was urged by Dawson’s security to set bail for his release as he is not a good health”. They urged Dawson needs to consult doctors about his prescription pills. A filing asserted that Dawson’s mom was financially dependent on him and will mentally suffer if he stayed in prison. Scroll down the page for more information about the news.

As per the sources, in the bail application, Dawson’s lawyer, Iqbal khan stated holding Dawson without bail until his trial would be a ‘substantial miscarriage of justice. Dawson’s trial could be as late as 2024. Opposing the bail, prosecutors and the Chens family disputed that Dawson was a flight risk. The previous month, Dawson allegedly admitted to police to killing Chen, only to later claim she was not dead when he left her after a drunken fight. According to the report, Chen was beaten to death during the honeymoon by Dawson, 38 and her body was discovered on 9 July 2022. Stay connected with social telecast for more updates.


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