You must remember the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer whose crimes shocked the world. Everyone took a sigh of relief when he was imprisoned. However, the killer died two years after being imprisoned as Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate, killed him. Now, this story will be shown in a 10-episode Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. It is really surprising that one killer was killed by another while serving in prison. Without any ado, let us check further details of the case in the article below.

Jeffrey Dahmer the killer died two years after being imprisoned as Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate, killed him November 28th and Dahmer was doing his daily

Who Is Christopher Scarver?

According to reports, over the space of 13 years, the Milwaukee Monster killed 17 men and boys. The man committed crimes from 1978 to 1991 until he was eventually captured by the cops. Considering his crimes, Jeffrey was sentenced to a total of 16 life terms of imprisonment in 1992. Unfortunately, the serial killer was murdered two years later behind bars. Reports confirm that he was serving imprisonment at Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.

For his own safety, he was originally placed in solitary confinement. It was his own consent to be moved to a less secure unit after serving initial years in solitary. It is said that Osvaldo Durruthy, a fellow inmate, attempted to slash Jeffrey’s throat using a razor blade that he embedded in a toothbrush in 1994. However, the attempt remained unsuccessful as Dahmer did not die and only received some superficial wounds.

Why Did He Kill Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer?

It was November 28th and Dahmer was doing his daily task of cleaning the toilet block when his body was found on the floor with severe head wounds. Reportedly he was hit with a metal bar. Even though he was taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead an hour later. Later, it came forward that Christopher Scarver was the one who killed Jeffrey. Christopher even admitted to killing Jeffrey and Anderson, a fellow inmate who was there on cleaning duty too. Let us tell you that he was already serving a life sentence for a murder he committed in 1990.

Scarver claimed that he did not have all of this planned and that it just happened. However, he admitted that he hid the 20-inch iron bar in his clothing before the attacks. For murdering two inmates on May 15, 1995, he was sentenced to two additional terms of life imprisonment. Currently, Scarver remains behind bars at Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado. Stay tuned to this space to get more such updates. Follow Social Telecast for the latest and trending news.

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