Eliza Fletcher’s abduction and murder have flabbergasted everyone. The whole of Memphis, Tennessee has been shattered and flabbergasted after this brutal and gruesome murder. Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped on Friday 2 September, and now recently police officials have recovered her dead body. The police officials were searching for her since she got violently abducted, and now the search for her has been stopped but, the search has ended in such a tragic and shattering way.

Eliza Fletcher

According to the reports, Police officials found her body on Tuesday 6 September. Reports have claimed that Eliza Fletcher went for jogging around 4:20 am when she was violently abducted by Cleotha Abston. Cleotha Abston was later arrested by the police officials. The incident has shattered and tremored everyone. Now the latest reports have come out and have claimed that the accused Cleotha Abston has a criminal history. Yes, you heard it right, he has a criminal history. The latest report has claimed that Cleotha Abston is also accused of raping a woman and kidnapping last year.

These new charges have appeared to him in Shelby County. During the Investigation of police, they found out that Cleotha Abston has a connection to the rape and kidnapping of an unidentified woman back in 2021. Reports have also claimed that Cleotha was denied bail. Reports have claimed that Cleotha’s DNA reports have proved that he was the one who raped that unidentified woman back in 2021. Now as he has been charged with fresh charges the court proceedings for these charges too will start soon. The gruesome murder of Eliza Fletcher has been very shattering and heartbreaking news for everyone. No one could ever imagine that she could be killed.

Cleotha Abston remains in police custody for now as his bail plea was rejected by the judge. Reports have claimed tha police officials are interrogating him for further details regarding Eliza Fletcher’s murder and the other unidentified woman he raped last year. The Memphis police department is doing its best in the investigation of both cases. All her family and friends are devastated by her sudden passing away. All the members of her community have come out and paid their hearty tributes and condolences to the late Eliza Fletcher. The members of her church have paid their hearty tributes and condolences to her. Everybody is demanding justice for her. His violent abduction and murder have flabbergasted and shocked the whole neighborhood. Everyone in the locality has been tremored by this incident. No one could ever imagine that something so brutal can happen in this safe neighborhood. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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