The highly-anticipated fantasy action-adventure film “Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva” has been roaring at the box office since its release, as day by day the immense collection is being collected by the makers which are extremely overwhelming and therefore, it is being speculated that under the 1st week the movie will cover the budget of 400 crores. As the movie is continuously hitting bricks worldwide and therefore till now approx 247 crores have been earned by the movie. But now, the entire attention has been grabbed by “Who Is Dev” in Brahmastra “Ranveer Singh Or Hrithik Roshan” below you could explore further information.

Who Is Dev In Brahmastra

Reportedly, after the incredible cameo of Shah Rukh Khan now it is supposed that either Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan will appear in the second instalment of the movie as “Dev” which is currently hitting the headlines among everyone. Because the prime fact is hanging on the mystery of “Dev” which is tieing the interest of uncounted. Even, the makers of the movie have officially announced that a few new characters will take place in the instalment and one of which will be “Dev” 2 names are coming for the role and now it is overshading the other facts too.

Who Is “Dev” In Brahmastra?

The character of Dev will be seen as the father of Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) and the authentic wielder of Agni Astra even the entire look of Deepika Padukone as “Jalastra” will also make you feel over the top. As the makers have started working on the instalment while casting those who could maintain the consistency of public interest. On Twitter, a strange war has been commenced between the admirers of both superstars Hrithik and Ranveer Singh as a few are claiming that Hrithik will be amazing in the role of “Dev” while a few are saying that Ranveer Singh could also set the fire if role goes to him.

If the speculations are to be considered, so there is a high chance of Ranveer Singh as the “Dev” a father of Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) because in the movie, if Deepika is playing the character of Shiva’s mother so this is the reason, Ranveer Singh could be the father of him. Because till now, no statement from Hrithik Roshan came out yet ever since the role is offered to him, maybe he denied to be appeared in the movie because of his 2 high-visual projects Krrish 4 and Ramayana. So let’s see who will come to set the fire on screens as “Dev” and for more details stay tuned with us.

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