After a months-long manhunt, the California police officials have finally arrested Dhante Jackson. Dhante Jackson is the prime accused of the murder of the 8 years old girl Sophia Jackson who was found lifeless last march in a house in California. Sophia was missing from her home and then after she went missing she was found dead by the police officials.

Dhante Jackson

According to the reports from the police officials, Dhante was arrested by the police officers in the San Francisco Bay Area in the city of Newark. The brutal murder of little Sophia Jackson was very shattering and paining for everyone. No one could ever imagine that the adorable little girl Sophia could be killed. Reports have further claimed that Dhante was the boyfriend of deceased Sophia’s mother Samantha Johnson. She is currently 30 years old.

Samantha Johnson was also arrested by the police officials and she was charged with murder and child abuse. Further reports have claimed that four more people have been arrested by the police officials and are charged with helping Dhante Jackson for fleeing and evading arrest. The little Sophia went missing, and a relative of her filed a complaint regarding her went missing in San Francisco, CA. The relatives stated that they have not seen little Sophia since last December. The relatives of little Sophia were saddened and tensed about her and thus they filed a complaint of missing. After the complaint was registered, the police officials arrested Sophia’s mother Samantha Johnson on the charges of child abuse. Later in the investigation, the police officials found the dead body of little Sophia in a bathtub in a house in Merced California.

Samantha also revealed that Sophia was held captive by her boyfriend Dhante Jackson in his house, where she was found dead. She also stated that Dhante physically and sexually abused Little Sophia. This case has been one of the most worst cases of brutality against a little girl. The case has been saddening for everyone. Child abusers must be treated seriously and they must serious punishments for such henious and barbarity. The innocent little Sophia went through such brutality and barbarism. She deserves justice from the authorities. The court proceedings of this case are going and we hope for justice for little Sophia. We will update you with all the developments and updates in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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