German-based Dranchenlord is a noticeable YouTuber and vlogger who distributes his content material on the channel generally known as Drache Lord.

Dranchenlord is understood for his headbanging movies that needs to be seen on his channel, Drache Offiziell. What’s extra, he communicates his gaming in actual time on YouNow and shares movie of it together with his devotees on DrachegamesLP.

The primary episode of Dranchelord’s “Outright Mad Lads” was distributed to YouTube by a well-known consumer who goes by the moniker Depend Dankula and transfers recordings underneath the title DragonLord. The extra intensive public’s consideration was interested in the movie, which gave a clarification of Drachelord’s ongoing circumstance in addition to his set of experiences.

Who Is Drachenlord On TikTok?
Drachenlord is famously adopted on TikTok, the place he goes by the deal with @drachenlordrw.

The YouTuber has north of 260 thousand adherents on the stage. On his recordings, he has gotten a sum of 1.5 million preferences. Even though he’s profoundly abhorred and savaged on YouTube, his TikTok devotees don’t seem to go to such furthest factors. His most up-to-date TikTok video was posted a few hours prior and has gotten north of 500 preferences. The TikToker switched his remarks off for the video.

Drachenlord’s TikTok recordings are all in German.

5 Details On The YouTuber
Drachenlord is a YouTuber who has been savaged a ton by YouTube purchasers for his content material thought of exceptionally ill-advised.

The next are 5 realities concerning the YouTuber:

1. Dranchenlord’s Actual Identify

Drachenlord’s precise title is Rainer Winkler.

He’s a German YouTuber and ornament of pc video games, in addition to love weighty metallic. On the internet, Drachenlord has been seen with leisure in addition to with mock since he has been the target of various savaging endeavors.

People have condemned him for his content material, which regularly incorporates particular person insights relating to himself, just like his house space. His channel has apparently been prohibited a number of occasions for purportedly speaking unseemly sexual materials. He has been categorised “Germany’s Most Hated YouTuber.”

2. Dranchenlord Was Harrassed When He Revealed His House Deal with

A message to-discourse message containing a hazard was conveyed to Winkler’s sister in 2014 by an internet savage who wished to remain mysterious.

Accordingly, Winkler replied on February 5, 2014, by giving a take a look at to the person who had despatched him the message and furnishing the supply together with his location.

3. “The Dragon Recreation” And “The Pilgrimmage” Had been The Names Of Video games Meant To Harrass The YouTuber

After his character was unveiled, people from the savaging native space on YouTube started taking part in a sport they name “The Dragon Recreation.”

That is their time period for drawing in with him. A later sport extension was categorised “The Pilgrimmage,” which included the gamers going to Winkler’s house and aggravating him there.

On August 21, 2018, a German information supply expressed that 150 younger nerds had amassed at Winkler’s house. By his disputable films, Drachenlord had stirred up the disdain of the individuals who acknowledged themselves as “skeptics” on the net.

From that time ahead, he went with the rash option to distribute his location on the net. He examined his foes, requesting that they present up very near house to settle their points with him head to head. The get-together is in any other case known as “Schanzenfest” in sure circles.

4. Drachenlord Launched His YouTube Channel In 2011

Winkler initially distributed his YouTube channel underneath the title “DrachenLord1510” on August 10, 2011.

The following yr, on July 1, 2012, Winkler delivered his absolute first video, which was a recognition for his late dad Rudi and was distributed on YouTube. After a while, the video was taken out from the location.

After these two days, Winkler posted a video reporting the formation of his initially Let’s Play channel on YouTube. On September 13, 2013, Drachen Lord despatched off one other web-based native space and gave a video prologue to the stage.

5. Drachenlord Is Referred To As Germany’s Most Hated YouTuber

Photographs have been made ridiculing Winkler’s recordings and his response to evaluation of these recordings.

Sure people in Germany allude to him as “YouTube’s Most Hated YouTuber.” Throughout his stay feeds, Winkler is often uncovered to badgering from on-line savages and people Winkler alludes to as “critics.” These individuals have been flinging rocks and setting firecrackers at Winkler’s house.

On October 19, 2016, YouTube consumer Superdumpfback transferred a remix of the tune “Hitler Downfall” that highlighted him within the melody. Winkler was the topic of a video transferred to YouTube on June 15, 2018, by the consumer Depend Dankula. The video has greater than 1.3 million views in underneath two years after it was transferred.

Depend Dankula adopted up his video for Drachenlord with one other one the yr after it was at first distributed. North of 580,000 people noticed the video in underneath 90 days after it was distributed.

Drachenlord Web Value
We gauge that Drancelord’s complete property is round $80,000 in gentle of the amount of adherents and absolutely the variety of views his recordings get on YouTube.

The overwhelming majority of Drancelord’s pay comes from the fabric he makes and the stay streams he has by way of digital leisure. He has nice many adherents, making him maybe of probably the most movie star by way of on-line leisure to emerge from Germany.

However, his complete property is simply an estimate since he hasn’t been impending together with his allies about his abundance up up to now.

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