Elizabeth Jenkins was the spouse of Jason Jenkins. Jason and Elizabeth stayed wedded until his less than ideal passing in August 2022.

It is obscure when how Elizabeth and Jason started their relationship. It is likewise not known when the couple got hitched. The couple was anyway together for quite a long time. They were together until Jason died.


While they were together, Jason and Elizabeth had three kids; girls. They are Liya, Aiden, and Sloane Jenkins. Not much is been aware of Jason’s girls.

There is no data about Elizabeth Jenkins. She is just known for being the spouse of Jason Jenkins. She isn’t utilized to the spotlight and likes to keep a position of safety.

Jason Jenkins never talked about his significant other and family. He kept his relationship and individual life hidden. Not much data is known.

Jason Jenkins was the senior VP of correspondences and local area undertakings of the Miami Dolphins. Jenkins died on August 27, 2022, at age 47. He died from a blood coagulation.

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