Maggie Drozdowski, a younger girl from Pennsylvania, was gone after by a shark whereas driving in Stone Harbor, New Jersey
She endured non-dangerous wounds, together with gashes to her foot and calf that vital six strains
The episode didn’t result in ocean facet motion limitations, but alert is inspired to individuals getting into the water

Maggie Drozdowski, a Pennsylvania younger girl driving with out precedent for Stone Harbor, New Jersey, endured non-hazardous wounds dependable with a shark assault, bringing about slashes to her foot and calf that vital six be a part of.

Who’s Maggie Drozdowski? Fifteen-year-old Maggie Drozdowski, alongside her companion Sarah O’Donnell and their households, visited Stone Harbor, New Jersey, for a driving finish of the week. Whereas round 50 ft from the shore on 109th Highway, Maggie felt an merchandise on her leg whereas dangling from her surfboard. She at first accepted it was a crab nonetheless acknowledged it was one thing greater when her entire foot was in its mouth. After round 5 seconds, the animal delivered its grasp, and Maggie rowed again to the shore.

Maggie observed a crucial piece of lacking pores and skin on the rear of her leg and seemed for scientific consideration. Disaster teams speedily safeguarded her from the water and shipped her to a detailed by medical clinic, the place she acquired six fastens for slashes to her foot and calf. Her wounds have been not likely perilous.

Despite the truth that she didn’t see the animal, marine pure life specialists from Stone Harbor inspected her accidents and reasoned that they have been regular with a shark chomp.

Stockton School sea life science trainer Steve Nagiewicz expressed that Maggie’s wounds seemed like a nibble from a bit shark that in all probability didn’t imply to deal with a human. He made sense of that sharks can separate between their prey and folks, and experiences with individuals occur when each provide the same meals supply.

Nagiewicz certifies that she did completely the peerlessly factor by forcefully shaking and elevating a ruckus round city, making it discharge its grasp.

Maggie’s mother, Lisa Drozdowski, considers the episode with a mix of incredulity and understanding. It’s an unbelievable encounter to fathom, and holding in thoughts that she will’t envision going into the ocean as soon as extra, she acknowledges that her household will in all probability make investments extra power on dry land this mid yr.

Stone Harbor authorities haven’t pressured any ocean facet motion limitations due to the episode. Nonetheless, they’re analyzing the episode to resolve the kind of shark included. The ocean facet remaining components open, but authorities are asking wariness to individuals getting into the water.

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