Mary Page Keller is an American entertainer and the spouse of entertainer and military craftsman Thomas Ian Griffin.

Keller is an entertainer recognized for appearances in Beginners, The Negotiator, JAG, and Supernatural. She began her vocation at Ryan’s Hope daytime dramas from 1982 to 1983. She was the feline of Another World, and later she established a connection in various TV sitcoms.

Keller showed up in the Fox parody series Duet as Laura Kelly from 1987 to 1989. She even featured in Open House. The entertainer arose as the lead character in the different brief sitcoms Camp Wilder, Joe’s Life, and Baby Talk.

Meet Thomas Ian Griffith’s Wife, Mary Page Keller Keller is the spouse of American entertainer and fighter Thomas Ian Griffith. She started her acting profession in the TV film Ryan’s Hope as Amanda Kirkland. Likewise, she showed up in fifteen episodes of the series.

Keller is the counseling maker of the film Christmas on the Square. The entertainer began her delivering profession in 1988. She filled in as a maker in A Place to Hide and co-maker in Night of the Warrior and Ulterior Motives.

Mary Page Keller Married Thomas Ian Griffin In 1991 Mary Page Keller and Thomas Ian Friffin secured the bunch in 1991 and are gifted with two children named Eamon Michael Griffith and Connor O’Neil Griffith. Maybe, the couple began their relationship after they showed up in the TV series Another World.

The connection between the cast individuals changed into their adoration life. In the film, Keller emerged as Sally Spencer Frame/Sally Frame/Sally Ewing, while Thomas showed up as Catlin Ewing. The film was the main presentation film job for the entertainer in 1984.

Kelle worked in the 38 episodes of the series, while Griffith emerged in 52 episodes. Irna Phillips and William J. Ringer are the makers of the show. The entertainer played close by Victoria, Constance Ford, Hugh Marlowe, Linda Dano, Beverlee, Stephen, Anna Stuart, Judi Evans, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In 1988, Kelle and Thomas showed up in the film A Place to Hide. Likewise, they arose as the primary cast close by Dana Ashbrook, Arlene Dahl, Bill Erwin, and Chris Lemmon. The story was composed by Keller’s significant other Thomas and coordinated by Scott Thomas.

After 2007, Thomas made his pretense in the TV series Cobra Kai as Terry Silver. Notwithstanding, Kelle emerged in Pretty Little Liars as Dianne Fitzgerald in the arrangement Hot Water and Stolen Kisses from 2012 to 2017. Thereafter, she filled in as a maker in 2020.

Mary Page Keller Age And Height Keller is right now 61 years of age. She was born in Monterey Park, California, U.S., on March 3, 1961. Likewise, the entertainer appeared to be a piece tall. She joined the University of Maryland and drilled at the Boston Conservatory of Music.

Keller later entered the mechanism of TV in Ryan’s Hope, an ABC network show, in 1982. During her Univerity level, she used to act in various melodic theater creations. She worked in Washington D.C. also, later in New York. Afterward, the entertainer moved to Los Angeles, California.

Keller’s accomplice Thomas was born in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S., on March 18, 1962. He is right now 60 years of age. Maybe, the couple had one year hole. Thomas is the child of artist Mary Ann. Her mom used to work in the dance studio. Thomas Joseph Griffith is the dad of the entertainer.

Thomas finished his secondary school training at South Catholic High School in Hartford. Afterward, he joined the College of the Holy Cross. Subsequently, the entertainer moved to New York to foster a profession.

Malia Pyles, a 22-year-old entertainer and the cast of the TV series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, is of Asian identity.

Mary Page Keller Net Worth: How Much Has The Actress Made? Keller assessed total assets is $1 million, though her better half’s total assets is roughly $2 million. The contrast between their value might be the dynamic status in their calling. Keller began her excursion in 1982 and contributed for about 38 years.

Keller acquired 68 credits as an entertainer, including Those She Left Behind, Duet, Open House, Revealing Evidence: Stalking the Honolulu Strangler, Perry Mason: The Case of the Ruthless Reporter, and Life Goes On. Double dealing: A Mother’s Secret, Wildflower, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Also, Keller showed up in Pretty Little Liars in three episodes. She made appearance in the TV series Chasing’s life as Sara Carver in La Dolce Vita, Ready or Not, First Person, Bottle of Secrets, Wild Thing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Keller’s better half Thomas established a connection In The Heat of the Night, The Karate Kid part III, Wiseguy, Rock Hudson, Ulterior Motives, Kill Fee, Excessive Force, Blood of the Innocent, Hollow Point, Behind Enemy Lines, and that’s just the beginning.

Mary Page Keller Ethnicity Details Keller is of American identity. She might have been born to her steady guardians in California. The entertainer is known in the shooting business for her job in Ryan’s Hope, Another World, Duet, Baby Talk, and Chasing Life.

Toby Orenstein prepared Keller in her life as a youngster at Toby’s Dinner Theater. A short time later, the entertainer started her carrer in daytime dramas. She happened in the number one spot job of the ABC satire series in season 2 of Baby Talk.

During the 1990s, Keller showed up as a visitor on the TV series Ellen, The Practice, NCIS as Lt. Leader Michaela ‘Micki’ Shields, Criminal Minds as Katie Cole, 24 as Sarah, Mad Men, Castle, The Closer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Leslie Clyborn, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and Scandal.

Keller played repeating parts in Cybill as Julia Bishop, JAG as Beth O’Neil, NYPD Blue as Brigid Scofield, Nip/Tuck as Andrea Hall, Commander in Chief, and Hart of Dixie.

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