In recent news, a young boy was shot and killed by the officers. Reportedly, a 22-year-old boy Christian Glass dialled 911 after becoming stranded on a gravel road in Clear Creek County in June. Instead, a protracted, stressful, perplexing, and chaotic altercation between the boy and a few other law enforcement organizations ended with him being killed while confined inside his own automobile. His family’s attorneys provided video footage. The matter has become the subject of discussion among the general public. Check further details in the article below.

Christian Glass

Releasing a statement, the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office said that the boy was shot to death on June 11, 2022. According to them, Glass was argumentative and confrontational and he even tried to knife an officer. To help the situation from getting worse and to protect themselves, the officers broke a car window to apprehend him. The incident’s body camera footage has been released which shows the officers approaching the 22-year-old bot.

It is reported that Christian refused to get out of his car when the cops asked him to. It went on for approximately one hour as Glass kept saying he is scared and won’t come out of the car. Later, Glass took out a knife which resulted in the cops firing bean bag rounds and tasing Glass before firing into the car. As the matter has spread like wildfire everywhere, people are demanding justice for Christian Glass.

His parents, Simon and Sally Glass have come out and have asked the cops to be held responsible for their son’s killing. The parent’s attorney, Siddhartha Rathod, said that Christian was experiencing a crisis and he even called 911 for help but these cops busted out Christian’s window and shot him six times with bean bag rounds. A statement was published on September 13 where the district attorney for the Fifth Judicial District, Heidi McCollum said that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and her office are looking into the matter.

She added that after her office releases a report on the incident or sends the matter to a grand jury, it would be decided whether or not indictments should be filed. According to the autopsy reports, the cops shot Christian five times in the chest and he sustained six wounds in total. Glass’ family has been addressing the cops who killed their son as bullies. Stay tuned to this space, Social Telecast, for more updates. Follow us!

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