The following day, Debbie Collier, an Athens resident who had disappeared on September 10, 2022, was discovered dead in some woods close to U.S. 441 in Habersham County, northern Georgia. It is reported that Collier, 59, left her Athens house on September 11 in a rented SUV because her own vehicle was in the shop. Her body was later discovered in a gully. According to the website, Debbie Collier’s husband and daughter reported her missing on Saturday, September 10, after Amanda Bearden, 36, got a concerning message from her mother. Check further details here in the article below.

Debbie Collier

Bearden informed the Athens Clarke County Police that on Saturday afternoon, her mother sent her a troubling message suggesting that she was in a precarious situation. Collier also sent Bearden $2,385 via Venmo, along with a terrifying message that read, “They are not going to let me go, love you.” According to some sources, Debbie Collier only had her driver’s license and debit card when she left home, according to a missing person report submitted by her husband and daughter.

The report was made after Collier sent his daughter Bearden a troubling letter and sent her money on September 10. Bearden told the police that after receiving the unsettling message, she attempted calling her mother many times but got worried when all the calls went to voicemail. Steven Collier, Collier’s husband, informed authorities that he last saw his wife on September 9 before going to bed, according to a local TV station, Now Habersham. The Athens-Clarke County police started looking for Collier after receiving the information.

The vehicle was located on US 441 close to Victory Home Lane using the rental SUV, which had a SiriusXM satellite radio. This location was around 60 miles from Collier’s house. After searching the nearby woods, police discovered a car parked alongside the road. According to police, a blue tarp that had partially burned and a red tote bag were also discovered nearby, according to NH. Col. Murray Kogod, a Habersham County Sheriff’s Officer, reported that Colier’s body was discovered about an hour from her home, close to the rented SUV.

As the front office manager at Carriage House Realty in Athens for many years, Debbie Collier. The Post claims that she wed her husband in 2013. Police have continued to be cautious when it comes to the case’s obscure elements. They have declared the death to be a homicide and are currently looking into the sinister messages that Collier’s daughters claimed to have received. Follow our site, Social Telecast, for more updates.

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