Chatta spread the word about this after his partner, Femi Adebayo humored him and requested that he proffer an answer for men who get less love from their friends and family.

Femi Adebayo who believed that life is uncalled for to men requested the entertainer to air his perspectives about the issue from kids showing more friendship to their moms as well as the other way around while ignoring their dads that have worked and endured to partake in the family won’t ever need.

Sharing his perspectives, Chatta focused on the requirement for men to wed more than one spouse. As per him assuming that a man keeps one lady as a soul mate, he will experience throughout everyday life and may wind up going on tasks without help from anyone else in his advanced age however assuming he weds more than one spouse as educated by the Quran, he will constantly have a lady close by that will cherish and deal with him till he dies.

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Kemi Filani reviews that Ibrahim Chatta started responses from his fans after he shared a video of himself and Toyin Abraham embracing at the film debut of Femi Adebayo named Ruler of Cheats.

Why All Men Should Wed More Than One Spouse — Entertainer Ibrahim Chatta Pronounces

Ibrahim Chatta took to Instagram, where he shared the second he found Toyin Abraham at the occasion, and the pair embraced firmly.

Nonetheless, fans appeared to be disappointed with the video as they brought up that such an embrace is a lot for a wedded lady.

Following this, Kemi Filani detailed that Ibrahim Chatta blended disarray among his fans when he shared proposition photographs and recordings of himself with his associate, Liz Da Silva.

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The web was agog with blended responses as many attempted to find if the photographs were genuine or from a film scene as this isn’t whenever famous people first are prodding their fans with photographs and recordings.

While sharing the photographs on the web, Ibrahim Chatta guaranteed he had at long last gotten Lizzy Da Silva despite everything, and they would declare the date at any point in the near future.

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