RHOBH's Kyle Richards on Why She Made a Big Deal Out of Garcelle Unfollowing Erika as Crystal Shades Garcelle and Sutton as "Embarrassing"

Kyle Richards wanted to know why Garcelle Beauvais unfollowed Erika Jayne amid their girls’ trip to Aspen on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, rather than asking her directly, Kyle chose to bring up the issue while utilizing a Ouji board.

After questioning why Garcelle seemingly took a stand against their co-star, Kyle explained why the topic was so pressing on her mind as Garcelle revealed why she chose to distance herself from Erika’s feed, and Sutton Stracke shared why she did the same.

“I wasn’t gonna flat out as her so I thought, why not ask the Ouji board? Let the Ouji board be the b-tch,” Kyle explained on the August 31 episode of the RHOBH: After Show.

According to Kyle, Garcelle’s unfollowing of Erika was a big deal, whether she’d admit it or not.

“I don’t care how old you are. If you are arguing with somebody and you unfollow them on Instagram, you are sending them a message. And when you’re in the public eye, you’re not just sending a message to that person. You’re sending a message to the people that follow you because they notice everything,” she noted.

But looking back, Garcelle admitted to having a bit of regret about the issue.

“[Erika] pissed me off. And I didn’t realize it was gonna be breaking news all over the place. I would’ve muted her, but I didn’t know how to mute then,” she explained.

Even Erika felt that Garcelle was surprised by how much attention she got when she chose to make the change to her follower list on the heels of Erika’s tossing out of her memoir.

“Garcelle was kind of shocked at what a big deal others made about it. I could care less. Follow me, unfollow me whatever,” Erika said in response.

As for Sutton’s unfollowing of Erika, Garcelle said simply, “That’s what friends do.”

“That’s what friends do. ‘Do you like her?’ ‘No, I don’t like her.’ ‘Okay I won’t like her too.’ Maybe it was a little childish, but I thought it was fun. It was not supposed to be a big deal,” Garcelle insisted as Sutton said she “thought it was funny.”

“I didn’t know even if Erika was following me. Why would someone who said, ‘I hate you.’ follow me? I don’t get it,” Sutton continued. “So I was like, ‘Okay I’m unfollowing her too.’ Well, apparently, that became a big deal. I was like, ‘For the love of God, I’ll follow her. If it’s that big of a deal, I wanna see her leaning over in her thong one more time. Okay.”

“They did it together. It was very teenage, like high school. ‘I’m unfollowing her.’ ‘Well, me too.’ Okay, great,” Erika reflected.

Then, in her own RHOBH: After Show segment, Crystal Kung-Minkoff agreed that Garcelle and Sutton’s Instagram antics were “petty.”

“They’re at the age of like, the social media thing is like very new. I just laugh at them, like, it’s like my mom… embarrassing,” she stated.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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