Ese Eriata, a previous Big Brother Naija challenger, has shared relationship tips with Lagos ladies on her web-based entertainment stage.

The truth star focused on that great men are very intriguing, with a couple of good ones in the city.

She then, at that point, prompted that assuming you are dating any person in Lagos, you ought to cling to him, whether Ogbanje or Papi Water and oversee him as opposed to paying special attention to another man, since men outside are not certified nowadays.

She composed: On the off chance that u are wanting to leave ur relationship and you live in Lagos; I’ll encourage you to deal with the ogbanje and papi water u are dating, anything u meet external what u as of now have is a scarecrow

However, you can attempt ur karma; the business wear cast yet there are 4% great ones. The very best.

Kemi filani news reviews that an ex-Big Brother Naija Housemate, Eriata Ese wailed over a portion of the difficulties of being a lady.

The unscripted TV drama star who is likewise a model and an entertainer says she is burnt out on being dedicated and on that note, wouldn’t fault the individuals who wind up dating or wedding for the cash.

I’m worn out on being dedicated. I’ve generally felt that the more cash you have, the more loosened up you ought to be. However, I believe that is clearly false. Since the more you procure, the more you need. As of now, I couldn’t fault the people who wed or date for monetary help,” she deplored via web-based entertainment.

Ms Ese had in a past post implied that in spite of the fact that she has never been hitched she’s equipped not to allow her folks to conclude who she winds up with.

Eriata Ese through her checked Instagram stage likewise cautions that anyone who winds up permitting their folks picked their companions could wind up lamenting that choice.

Eriata Ese expressed: “The biggest mix-up you can at any point make in your life is allowing your folks to conclude who you ought to wind up with.
How guardians generally think they know it all since they believe they have there makes me keep thinking about whether they understand they are utilizing their clock to establish our point in time. All they need is an ideal best for yourself and what will lean toward the family. However, they disregard the part where they must be certain assuming that what they need for you is what you need for yourself.”

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