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Xmovies8 also spelled as xmovies 8 and x movies 8 is a famous movie content downloading website. x movies 8 is basically responsible for giving movies for FREE. Put in other words, xmovies 8 is a pirated website that provides movies for free to its audience!


Some of the common types of movies that are available on the xmovies8 website are:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Dubbed Movies

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Apart from the mentioned above, there are other types of movies available on xmovies 8 as well. One important feature of the website is that you can download movies in your native language if available! Some of the famous movies are dubbed in various languages. If you are lucky enough you may find a movie in your language as well!

The History of Xmovies8 explained

xmovies8 is a simple website that provides pirated content. Since it provides pirated content the website is totally illegal. Whenever the government finds out about the website is active, it is banned immediately. There have been many instances in the past wherein the website has been banned by the government!

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The owners however are very smart, they come with a new mirrored website each and every time such websites are banned. If you see xmovies8 as xmovies8.com, xmovies8.org. xmovies8.net do not get confused thinking these are different websites. Basically they are the same website with different domain extensions or in other words, they are xmovies8 mirror or xmovies8 proxy!

How did the xmovies8 website start initially? There is no certain thing or say evidence that proves that this website was started on a certain date. roughly the website might have started some time ago say in 2015! But neither we nor anyone can claim it with certainty!

How to access free movie online xmovies8?

The process is very simple. all you have to do is head over to the xmovies8 website and once you enter the website look for the search button usually had the right top corner of the website. Once locate the search button search for the desired movie you want to download for example say Geetha Govindam Full Movie

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Once you are done searching the movie then you will get various options to download your selected movie. The most common options that you will get for the movie that you want to download will be:

  • 720p
  • 480p
  • 360p
  • DVDRip
  • Blueray

Along with the mentioned above, there are other options as well in which you can download the movie, of course, the choice is yours. There movies that are available in the 1080p streaming option as well. One thing here you need to note is that you can download movies in Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet.

What are some good xmovies8 alternative?

Xmovies8  is one of the best websites when it comes to providing pirated content for free but even if it is the best it has some restrictions. Since it is a restrictive website, most of the time that happens that the website is not live or the website is not working. At such times The most common asked question is What are some xmovies8 alternatives? Below we have listed the alternative that you can find for xmovies8

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Along with the mentioned above, there are various other alternatives available for the website but the ones that have you mentioned about one of the best xmovies8 alternative

What is the working principle of xmovies8?

xmovies8 works on similar terms like may pirated websites work on. They are basically uploading magnet links of various movies once they are released in the theatres. When they are uploaded on the website the user can most certainly select the type of movies he wishes to download and once he has selected the movie to be downloaded, he can download it directly into his mobile or PC.

One thing here we noted is that you cannot directly access the website since it is banned in the country by the government the reason behind the boobs and big band is it legal and pirated content website. So there are two ways by which you can access the website. Firstly you can access it via a VPN i.e Virtual Private Network. The next alternative is a little complicated called as the xmovies8 proxy which is explained below!

Xmovies8 Proxy List

Directly accessing xmovies8 is not possible as it is a not legal website. So, a more technical yet sound way to access xmovies8 is to access via proxies. Some of the most common working xmovies8 proxy are:


xmovies8 com


x movies 8 tv

x movies 8 com

xmovies8 es

xmovies8 online

xmovies8 net

xmovies8 tv








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Apart from the above mentioned Xmovies8 Proxy there are several other proxies as well. but the ones that have been mentioned above proxies are somewhat premium proxies and at least one amongst them is a working Xmovies8 Proxy. We cannot guarantee which proxy is working with surety, you can keep visiting this website to find which one of them is working!

NOTE: The proxy list is updated once we get new ones!

What are the categories of Movies Available on Xmovies8?

There are many! You cannot name one specific category which you may find on Xmovies8. Some of the most famous Xmovies8 categories available are:

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  • Horror Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Romantic Movies
  • Thrillers
  • Documentary!

There are other movies available too, but these are the most common type of movie category that is available on Xmovies8

Is it legal to download movies from Xmovies8?

A one word answer to this question is no! It is not at all legal to download movies from Xmovies8. The reason behind it is simple, the website falls under piracy! So, that is perhaps enough I guess to not download anything from a website like this! We do not promote and neither encourage you all to download content from such websites.

It is solely your risk and responsibility if you use them. Theikibiography is not responsible in any way!


Piracy is an illegal thing. We at thewikibiography.com neither promote it not encourage our viewers to indulge themselves into piracy. This article has only been written for educational purposes and there is no alternate motive of writing this blog. Hope we are clear!

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