Chennai, Sep 18 (IANS) Yami Gautam, who has acted in Tamil and Telugu films too, has encouraged audiences to go watch “Baghi Di Dhee”, a Punjabi movie coordinated by her dad Mukesh Gautam, saying it was perhaps of the best film she had observed as of late.

Taking to Instagram, Yami Gautam wrote an extended post on the film and her considerations on it. She said: “In times where we are hustling to see as great content for our audience, I had the opportunity to encounter something truly superb and unique – – ‘Baghi Di Dhee’!

“I know actually the unimaginable measure of difficult work that has gone in, in a real sense through high fever and disorder in nail-gnawing winters. The energy and truthfulness with which the movie has been coordinated is really motivational.

“Words are sufficiently not to communicate how glad I felt as a little girl as I watched the eventual outcome of this beautiful source of both pain and joy coordinated by my dad Mukesh Gautam. It’s quite possibly of the best film that I have observed as of late and feel considerably more glad that it’s a Punjabi film.

“Likewise, an exceptionally unique notice to my brother, Jasraaj! You are one of the most brilliant chiefs to pay special attention to and the world will before long see what an ability you are!

“I demand every single one of you to if it’s not too much trouble, watch ‘Baghi Di Dhee’ delivering on November 11, 2022. The strength that all of you hold to watch and support a decent film outperforms everything.”

By Graham Tyler

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